Our Story

Hey y’all!

We are Brittany & David, living in North Carolina with our two dogs, Miley and Butter.

We’ve been traveling together for the past 10 years. It wasn’t until our “honey”moon in Maui, that we realized it was something we wanted to prioritize, outside of our normal 8-5 jobs.

Brittany loves to create unique trips and David is all about the adventure! We may not be extreme adrenaline junkies, but love a good mix of leisure and exploration.

We try and make our experiences authentic based on our locations, staying anywhere from bare bones camping, to luxury hotels.

We hope sharing our travel experiences, helps plan your next trip!

We both have math and science brains, so please excuse our inevitable (many) grammatical errors!

Check out our bloopers page to see the BEST of both of us!

Maui, Hawaii Sunset Cruise

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